Put yourself in your talent’s shoes for a moment. They’re living in a world that’s moving at breakneck pace, with digitization affecting every aspect of their experience, including how they seek jobs and their expectations of recruiters and the companies they are considering. Nothing in their life is static anymore. So for today’s talent, accustomed to pulling up a ride at the click of an app, ordering groceries on their phones and making purchases straight from Instagram—the mobile revolution is already underway. Welcome to the new world of work, where employment is commoditized, but experience and value reign supreme.

At Bullhorn, we have developed the Connected Recruiting strategy to help our clients turn the talent lifecycle into a flywheel. By focusing on experience and engagement, we’ll help you turn your talent pool into a talent community.

Connected Recruiting Lifecycle

What is a flywheel?

In mechanical terms, a flywheel is a wheel that is incredibly heavy and takes a huge effort to push. Once it gets going, however, it builds momentum—eventually generating its own power. First applied to the business world in Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great,” this is also a great concept for the recruiting industry. In today’s talent landscape, the efforts required to hire quality talent can seem great. But with the right balance of personal connection and technological assistance, many smaller efforts can build on themselves, eventually generating huge rewards.

Ready to start using Connected Recruiting strategies to turn the talent experience into a flywheel for your business?

Here’s a start:

Attract and convert more applicants

Ready to help your team build better talent relationships? Start with your candidate experience, which can set the tone for the rest of the hiring process. To create a positive candidate experience, agencies should focus on timely communication, transparency, and personalization.

  • Keep candidates informed at every stage of the hiring process
  • Be transparent about what to expect
  • Personalize the experience to each candidate’s needs and preferences

Meet candidates where they are

A recent Bullhorn survey of 2,000+ temp workers found that 66% of workers have abandoned a promising opportunity because it took too long. This negatively impacts both talent and client experience.

Ensure you have a plan to prevent candidates from falling through the cracks and build processes to streamline the hiring process.

Take the busywork out of onboarding

By enabling self-service options via a mobile app or portal, you can help your new hires complete and maintain paperwork in a way that’s easy for them—which improves the relationship overall.

Increase redeployment and candidate satisfaction

Once a candidate is placed in a new role, it doesn’t mean their experience with your team is over. Create a process where it’s easy for your team to share new opportunities with candidates, whether using automation or other communication best practices.

Ready to get started? Choose your own journey with Connected Recruiting.

Download the Connected Recruiting Navigator today and explore the key Metrics and Moments That Matter throughout your talents’ lifecycle.