Accelerate time to fill

Increase recruiter productivity and improve database utilization with a front office that streamlines processes and helps you build client relationships.

Grow provider loyalty

Build long-term relationships with the personal touch through a talent-centric experience that increases conversions and drives redeployment.

Streamline credentialing and drive compliance

Clear providers to start work faster, Reduce costs, and drive compliance with increased efficiency and visibility.

Maintain financial health

Streamline complex back-office operations, minimize billing errors, and manage time and pay accurately and quickly with a unified solution that supports your entire recruiter workflow.

Create an amazing provider experience

A tight talent pool remains the biggest challenge facing healthcare staffing. Provide flexibility and simplify the staffing process so providers can focus on caring for their patients. Drive revenue with speed while building loyal relationships using a mobile-centric and self-service healthcare recruiting solution to attract, engage, onboard, nurture, and redeploy your best providers.

Build stronger client relationships

Effectively track your client relationships, better understand profitability, and drive increased revenue with a low-lift solution that helps you nurture stronger relationships.

Automate VMS job orders

Grow your VMS business. Increase speed to submit, and place providers more quickly with complete req visibility. With 35+ healthcare VMS integrations and AI matching, your team can reduce busywork and focus on hitting your SLAs

Drive compliance with unified credentialing

Dynamic and unified credentialing is critical to ensure compliance and meet liability, regulatory, and client requirements. Make the process quicker and easier for both providers and your team with self-service credentialing and centralized credential management.

Providers can upload, update, and view their credentials on-demand, while your team can securely store and manage credentials, gain full visibility, and help providers stay compliant while on the job with automated expiration alerts.

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Manage shift scheduling at scale

Manage and fill shifts at scale with qualified and available providers. With Bullhorn’s shift scheduler, recruiters can increase productivity, boost visibility to see where they need more coverage in a calendar view, and get the right providers into the right shifts.

Increase redeployment of your best providers

Ensure you’re not letting your providers slip through the cracks by presenting good-fit jobs close to the end of assignment to redeploy your best providers easily and quickly.

Manage time & pay efficiently

Reduce manual work and human error with multiple methods to capture time, while automatically reconciling time across clients, providers, and VMSs. Ensure paychecks and invoices are accurate and on time with a powerful time-interpretation rules engine that streamlines FLSA compliance, holiday schedules, shift differentials, sales tax, orientation, guaranteed hours, and more.

Leverage business insights

Make confident data-driven decisions that move the needle for your business with robust, real-time, and self-service reporting delivered to every user at your firm. Provider actionable insights to your front and back office teams to maximize impact without wasting effort. Capitalize on more client and candidate opportunities by putting meaningful metrics and analytics at the center of every user’s day.

CrossMed Healthcare leverages Bullhorn for streamlined credentialing

CrossMed Healthcare staffs a wide variety of healthcare professionals and needed a tech stack that supports credentialing at scale. With Bullhorn, they track everything in one place and ensure compliance.

With Bullhorn, we've built our stack....Bullhorn is continuing to bring out new products, continuing to innovate those, continuing to develop those. The technology has just been great.
Cecilia Merrill - crossmed healthcare, credentialing
Cecilia Merrill Director of Operations, CrossMed Healthcare

IDR Healthcare grows revenue and places more providers without increasing headcount

As IDR Healthcare experienced rapid growth, they needed to upgrade their technology infrastructure. They partnered with Bullhorn to elevate and future-proof their back office operations.

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200% increase in revenue

Bullhorn enables IDR to eliminate time-consuming processes and increase the accuracy of their back office operations, growing their revenue from $50 M to $150 M without increasing headcount.

Bullhorn runs every aspect of our healthcare organization literally from end to end, from the candidate application and submission process to job order management, compliance credentialing, time keeping, and billing. Bullhorn is the central hub that connects all our systems internally and externally.
Brandon Rogers COO, IDR Healthcare LLC
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Transform your healthcare staffing

Discover how Bullhorn Healthcare can solve your real-life challenges, from the intricacies of compliance to the challenges of clinician onboarding - all with the human touch.