Build Any Report Imaginable

With Bullhorn Reporting, you can build any number of reports, completely customized to your unique business needs.

Increase Visibility

Bullhorn Reporting lets you share reports across teams, offices, and regions so the entire organization has access to critical business insights.

Drive Real Business Results, Fast

With data unlocked, Bullhorn Reporting empowers you to discover new insights across your key accounts, so you can make smarter business decisions and business investments.

Run or modify pre-built sample reports

With Bullhorn Reporting, you can build run or modify sample reports to give you the insights you need, including:

  • Recruiter activity reports to see detailed employee performance by client
  • Historical margin trends to uncover under-performing investments
  • Sales activity heatmaps to track performance across regions

Build Custom Reports

Bullhorn comes with several pre-built industry best practice reports. However, as your business grows in size and complexity, so too does your need to uncover and analyze key metrics that are unique to your business strategy and tactics. Bullhorn Reporting provides you the business intelligence tools to highlight these insights.

Export Results and Share

Export results into excel, csv, or pdf formats and share with the team. You can also schedule reports to automatically send at a set cadence.

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A tool like Bullhorn Reporting really benefits our entire company as a whole. If you look at the one-click reporting that makes our weekly meetings a snap, the increased visibility that our recruiters now have in their pipelines, activities, contact, the up-to-the-minute sales metrics, and the ability to maintain visibility on the most important people, the candidates, that’s a win-win-win.
Melissa Hunter Director of Operations, Queen Consulting Group

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