What does enterprise scale look like?

Managing volume and scaling effectively

Bullhorn can support the volume and scale of your enterprise-level staffing firm with infrastructure to support billions in candidate payments and client billings. Bullhorn One:

  • Has processed over $20 billion in client billing to date
  • Supports over 115,000 payees across more than 70 customers
  • Has processed over $10 billion in payments to candidates to date
  • Powers customers paying over 10,000 payees every week

Handling staffing complexity with ease

Bullhorn One can handle complex customer billing requirements, manage various regulatory rules across the US, so you can keep your most important customers happy. We invest millions annually in essential pay and bill functionality for your growing business, including:

  • Ensuring correct earn codes and rate details flow from customer contracts to jobs and placements
  • Creating configurable rules for accurate time interpretation to help automate payable and billable charges
  • Bidirectional integrations with back office systems

Partnering with knowledgeable experts

Over the past 5 years, the Bullhorn One network of experts has grown to 200 individuals focused on understanding the pay and bill needs of your business. This team is dedicated to support you and your team day-in and day-out with hands-on implementations and ongoing support, including:

  • Providing after hours support
  • Monitoring key performance metrics to optimize your usage of Bullhorn One
  • Informing you and your team on new feature releases

What results do customers see with Bullhorn One?

1 %

increase in revenue

IDR eliminated time-consuming processes and increased the accuracy of their back office operations, growing their revenue from $50M to $150M without increasing headcount.

40- 1 %

greater efficiency

The Resource Company uses Bullhorn One to increase team efficiency. Bullhorn One frees up time for the team to build relationships with candidates and clients. Looking forward, the team is also focused on enhancing their usage, ensuring it is their single source of truth.

1 %

decrease in invoicing time

While invoicing used to take four hours for the eHire team to complete, it now takes one. Similarly, payroll decreased from a two-hour process to a mere 15 minutes. Bullhorn One unified business processes from across the entire recruiting lifecycle into a single, streamlined workflow.

Why do firms choose Bullhorn One?

1. It’s an end-to-end solution

Bullhorn One allows you to simplify and streamline your front, middle, and back office.

IDR centralized their operations and increased revenue by 300%. With Bullhorn One, they have a central hub that connects all their systems, internally and externally. From candidate application to job order management to time keeping and billing – it’s an end to end solution. 

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We now have the ability to send mass invoices, customize payable and billable charges, and create hundreds of unique work weeks for each of our hospitals. Bullhorn One is the central hub that connects all our systems, internally and externally.
will hayes
Will Hayes COO @ IDR

2. You can scale your business without increasing headcount

Automate data entry from onboarding to payroll.

The Jacobson Group drives significant increases in their team’s efficiency and productivity. Prior to using Bullhorn One, The Jacobson Group was using outdated platforms for their accounting and billing. With Bullhorn One, The Jacobson Group has seen a significant increase in their team’s efficiency and productivity.

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3. You’re set up for success from the start

Implementing a new solution will always feel daunting, but we help customers map out the ideal state, focusing on client and candidate experiences and back office productivity.

Bullhorn partnered with The DAVIS Companies to guide them through the process and truly listen to you their business needs. Prior to using Bullhorn One, The DAVIS Companies had two disparate systems for their back office and front office. They decided they needed an end-to-end solution that would keep all of their data in one place.

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[When we implemented Bullhorn One] Bullhorn was a partner in every sense of the word. We were at the early stages. So, what was important to our customers was still kind of being figured out. Bullhorn was very receptive, understood what was important to us, and helped us find solutions.
Patrick Davis Headshot
Patrick Davis VP of Technology at The DAVIS Companies

Popular billing features to drive efficiency

Collect time fast, get invoices right the first time, and get paid faster.

Digital time collection

  • Eliminate manual paperwork 
  • Effectively capture, approve, and interpret time from all sources 
  • Bulk upload timesheet information with ease

Client rate agreements

  • Reduce time spent weekly on managing rate details
  • Create rate cards by work location and by job title for each client
  • Set up multiple invoice templates with flexible design to meet client needs

Customer required fields

  • Invoices provide more comprehensive information for clients
  • Automatically incorporate custom fields, such as project codes, into your invoices
  • Set and choose custom fields to display on invoices, and use them to group and subtotal invoices without manual intervention

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