The Problem

Time is your most precious resource. But, manual tasks such as sending emails, cleaning up data, and tracking communication touchpoints can spread your resources thin. How can you reduce time-consuming tasks while still growing your business?

Our Solution

Recruiting automation enables you to streamline repetitive workflows, processes, and communication throughout the entire recruiting cycle to ultimately improve bottom-line and top-line growth.


Automate often-forgotten tasks and ensure the right processes happen at the right time so that your team can spend more time on the most revenue-generating activities.

Data Health

Identify inaccurate or incomplete records and automate various cleanup processes.


Create high-touch experiences with candidates, clients and contractors throughout the entire recruiting process.

Activate Your Database

Improve data accuracy and create a more actionable talent pool by automating simple data cleanup tasks like copying, clearing, and setting field values.

Submit Candidates Faster

No more copy and paste. Beat the competition with our automated VMS rec retrieval and candidate submittal solution. Job reqs automatically flow into your ATS from 60+ VMSes and recruiters can submit candidates to the job from directly within Bullhorn.

Streamline the Interview & Hiring Process

Create less friction and more interaction throughout the recruiting workflow with both candidates and clients. One example: Automate reminders before interviews to ensure the candidate is prepared and send a survey to the clients afterward to gather feedback.

Ready to Get Started?

What used to be a four hour process is something that's already built into Herefish. Herefish's ability to integrate in Bullhorn helps us streamline our email automation process and have constantly updated lists based on statuses in Bullhorn. We have been able to communicate more effectively with our candidates and contacts.
Chelsea Johnson Marketing, Adams Consulting Group

Ready to Get Started?