5 steps to successfully implementing AI in staffing

ai in staffing

The wave of AI-driven transformation in staffing is still taking shape, but AI is already having an impact on the recruitment process, recruiter and salesperson productivity, and the candidate and client experience.

Our recent survey of Bullhorn customers showed that 63% have already started using generative AI, and 54% plan to roll out new AI-driven staffing solutions within a year.

With so much potential, it can be easy to rush into rolling out AI widely within your business. But our advice is to take a more methodical approach and ensure your team, technology, and processes are ready before you add AI to your tech stack.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to preparing your business for AI adoption. You can find a summary of our top tips below, and make sure you check out the guide for more insight.

View the complete guide to preparing for AI adoption

5 steps to AI adoption success

Centralize and standardize your data

Effective AI performance requires a large volume of clean data. Invest in a cloud-based ATS/CRM system that acts as a single source of truth for your business. 

Building an integrated tech stack to connect various tools will ensure a superior candidate and client experience, setting the groundwork for AI optimization.

Unleash automation

Automation and AI in staffing are more powerful together, as AI provides the intelligence that automation needs to perform tasks at a scale that would otherwise be challenging for humans. By utilizing automation to kickstart your data hygiene strategy and standardize processes, you can unlock the full potential of AI within your database.

Set up policies for security, compliance, and regulations

Responsible AI adoption requires policies that ensure ethical and secure usage, safeguarding the interests of both clients and candidates. Establishing clear guidelines for AI usage within your organization is crucial for building and maintaining trust with all stakeholders.

Choose the right partners

Partner with AI technology providers that prioritize compliance and data integrity while adhering to global and regional AI regulations. Effective AI adoption is not just about the technology itself; it’s about addressing critical challenges and fostering growth within your business.

Start testing

Experiment with free generative AI tools to understand the capabilities and limitations of AI in staffing. Encourage your team to explore different ways to integrate AI into the recruitment process, thus expediting routine tasks and improving overall efficiency.

View the complete guide to preparing for AI adoption

5 ways to use AI during the recruitment process

Once those five steps are complete, your team is ready for a wider roll-out of AI.  Use AI to streamline processes, increase team productivity, and help you get more value from your database.

Looking for more inspiration on how to use AI in your organization? Here’s how staffing firms are using AI right now:

  1. Generating candidate communications
  2. Summarizing candidate information
  3. Generating client communications
  4. Matching candidates to jobs
  5. Editing and reformatting candidate resumes

Find out more about how staffing firms are approaching AI.

What’s next for AI in staffing?

With plans in place and ideas for how to use AI in staffing, now is the time to bring AI into your tech stack and start to ramp up your AI efforts. If you haven’t started to look into AI yet, don’t panic! There’s still time for your team to get up to speed, and Bullhorn is here to help.

Bullhorn Copilot is a suite of AI recruiter capabilities in development at Bullhorn, designed to embed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) directly into recruiter workflows across the recruitment process. 

With a focus on elevating the work of recruiters, Copilot will help cut down time spent on manual tasks, empower your team to work at a higher level regardless of their experience, and free up time for them to focus on relationship-building.

For more on how to successfully prepare your business for AI adoption, check out our comprehensive guide.

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