Elevate the way you attract talent

Every staffing firm has a strategy for attracting talent, and in today’s job market, it’s more important than ever for that strategy to meet candidate expectations. If it doesn’t, candidates will find another firm to work with.

The examples below offer some easy ways to amp up your talent acquisition.

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Identify and improve talent experience problem areas

The Connected Recruiting Navigator infographic will help you to identify problem areas in your current talent experience and walk you through how to improve them with moments and metrics that matter to each area.

Connected Recruiting Navigator Infographic

The best strategies for attracting top talent

Consider these fundamental channels

Organic traffic

Visitors coming to your website or job listings from search engines like Google

Paid traffic

Visitors referred to your website or job listings by paid campaigns, such as AdWords or LinkedIn Ads


The strategy of engaging candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of improving the quality and quantity of your organic traffic


Creating blogs, resources, and guides for a specific audience


The experience you offer at every touchpoint that influences a person’s perception of your services or organization

Use automation to connect with candidates quickly

Automate recruitment (with a human touch)

Take the load off your recruiters and automate the first communication (and as many after that as possible) to an applicant. Be sure that these communications are personalized and accompanied by human interaction.

Build a solid candidate pipeline

Create touchpoints with people who follow you on LinkedIn, have subscribed to your content, job listings, or have downloaded gated content on your website, but haven’t yet applied to a job.

Provide relevant job postings

Use an auto-matching tool to rank existing candidates in your database against open jobs and leverage those insights to create targeted campaigns for specific jobs and/or skill sets.

Ensure you’re converting the people you’re attracting

Meet candidates where they are

Make it easy for candidates to find the jobs and information that they’re looking for. The channel depends on where your candidates are and their preferred communication method and timing.

Prioritize personalized, user-friendly experiences

Go through your own application process and evaluate the user experience. Is it easy to complete? Does it cater to the role in question? Think about the questions or steps that are essential for a new applicant to complete upfront, and those that you might be able to collect later in the life cycle.

Adjust messaging frequently

If a method you’re using to attract candidates didn’t work, that doesn’t mean it’s not successful. It’s essential to learn why it didn’t work and adjust your messaging accordingly. For example, if your email wasn’t opened by many candidates, change the subject line.


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Looking for tips to attract more candidates?

This blog provides practical information and actionable techniques to help you win over more candidates more often.

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Determine the right recruitment metrics to drive success

The standard set of metrics your company uses to manage and improve the hiring process will differ from other firms depending on company goals, industry, and many other factors.

However, in the Attract phase, there are key KPIs every recruiter should monitor consistently.

Source of applicant

This metric tells you where the candidates who apply to your jobs online are coming from – e.g. LinkedIn, organic sources, a specific job board, or referrals – and where you may or may not want to divert more of your efforts or spend.

Application completion rate

The number of candidates who start an application and submit it for your consideration. If this rate is low, you have the opportunity to improve it by streamlining your application process.

Social and paid ad click-through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)

How engaging is your ad copy? Do your ads include a clear and compelling call to action (e.g. “apply for this job”)?

Average time on page

This metric tells you how long candidates are spending on your website or job listings. Learn if your content is engaging or if you need to change things up. Should you be more concise? Is the topic resonating?

Tips from the experts

If you’re only broadcasting positions, then that’s all you do. Instead, look to attract candidates by sharing information about specific segments and skill sets and using this thought leadership to build a community.
Jonathan Langley NextGen Staffing Solutions
Whatever you’re doing for any of these different elements, whether it's emails from your database, whether it’s social, whether it’s paid – you’ve always got to be thinking, 'How relevant is the way that I broadcast, and what I broadcast, to the talent I’m seeking?'
Jack Copeland Staffing Future

Explore the Connected Recruiting phases

Attract and convert more applicants

The Attract phase of the talent lifecycle is all about streamlining your application process and tailoring your brand to offer a memorable experience — from their first interaction with your website to your application follow-up.

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Meet candidates where they are

The Engage phase of the talent lifecycle is all about knowing your audience. Do you have enough information about all the candidates in your database to be able to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right channel, for the right opportunity?

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Take the busywork out of onboarding

The Onboard phase of the talent lifecycle is all about checking the administrative requirements while delivering a positive candidate experience (in the lead up to their first day and throughout their assignment).

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Increase redeployment and candidate satisfaction

The Nurture phase of the talent lifecycle is all about building long-term relationships, making the most of your existing database, and leveraging reviews and referrals, to ultimately build a talent community.

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